Contemporary social science research has shown that it is possible to rewire the brain to create new patterns of behavior and improve well-being.

Neuroscience research consistently indicates that the use of mindfulness can rewire one’s brain for wellness. Many studies link meditation to positive brain structure changes that improve emotional control including feeling less anger. In fact, mindfulness has become one of the most studied interventions with positive results that indicate it reduces anxiety, improves over all well being, and an increased ability to behavior in a way that is consistent with positive outcomes.

Prana Recovery Centers (PRC) is committed to bringing contemporary science to the newly sober addict and alcoholic. We even take it one step further and commit to providing these cutting edge interventions at low or no cost to those in recovery who are determined to live clean and sober. This commitment comes from direct experience of the benefits of mindfulness practice as a tremendously effective support to long term sobriety and happily living clean and sober.

Our vision is that one day there will be PRC Learning Labs that will provide EEG brain scanning and state of the art signal processing so each resident will have immediate real-time neuro-feedback tracking the progress of rewiring for positive wellbeing.

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