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At certain times Prana will offer some great events, new classes, and add additional programs to our always growing efforts to provide exceptional service to those in need. Please click below for more information and also browse our blog topics which cover a vast array of recovery news. 

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The “We” In Recovery From Addiction

Being in recovery from addiction is not a solo endeavor.  It is absolutely essential to develop a safety net of like-minded people who understand what you are going through.  You will need this safety net of support when you hit the inevitable low spots ahead. ...

Resiliency and Substance Use Disorder

With time and practice, we begin to overcome that impending doom – or black cloud – that has been following us. This practice builds resiliency in early recovery away from the fierce pull of addiction and substance abuse, substance use disorders. “Acceptance is the answer to all my problems.” AA Big Book

Conscious Contact

I recently spent several weeks in a rehab facility (read nursing home) because I broke my knee. I live alone, and the medical professionals did not trust me to be safe at home while I was recovering. I met several people in that facility who were facing alcoholism’s...

Passing Through Societal Stigma and Alcoholism

A Society Truth. Humans beings face an onslaught of societies' expectations from the day they are born. Being an alcoholic or a drug addict in society adds a whole new layer of complexity to the way we view ourselves and our self-image can be distorted worse than what...

Mindfulness in Sobriety

I work in an office building that has multiple tenants.  One of those tenants regularly does work for the federal government, and some of those projects require special clearance, including the frequently dramatized “top secret” clearance.  Among other precautions,...

Emotions and Early Sobriety

Sing, Sing a Song “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen. Nobody knows my sorrow.” These two lines of an old slavery song are the same two lines my sister use to sing to herself as a young teenager in her bedroom when she would cheer herself up. It was totally morbid,...

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