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At certain times Prana will offer some great events, new classes, and add additional programs to our always growing efforts to provide exceptional service to those in need. Please click below for more information and also browse our blog topics which cover a vast array of recovery news. 

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No Mud, No Lotus – Using Mindfulness as a Relapse Prevention Tool

Thich Nhat Hahn said “No mud. No lotus.” This means that if we do not go through the struggles, the hard times, and the challenges, then we do not blossom into that beautiful lotus flower. I totally get that. My difficult times have taught me volumes. I have come to...

Many Paths To Recovery From Addiction

What path will you take? I was totally confused.  I did what they said and yet I still picked up.  I still relapsed.  What the heck was wrong with me?   They told me to get a sponsor. Check.  To get a job at a meeting so I became the coffeemaker. Check.  To sit up...

Mindfulness Practices To Support Recovery

When it was first suggested to me that I might try mindfulness practices to support my recovery, I was skeptical.  A friend told me that my recovery would be improved if I learn to focus my attention and be acutely aware of my inner and outer surroundings. The only...

Self-Care is Necessary to Maintain Sobriety

Maintenance is Self-Care & Necessary to Sobriety Early recovery was one of the most anxious times of my life. It took me awhile to figure out that self-care is necessary to maintain sobriety.  I was missing this key ingredient to relapse prevention for quite...

My Mind and My Sobriety

Mind over Matter & The Relation to Sobriety “You can’t fix a broken mind with a broken mind.” I will always remember the time I heard someone say at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, “You can’t fix a broken mind with a broken mind.” I had never considered that my...

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