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Prana Recovery Centers is devoted to providing a revolutionary relapse prevention program that integrates contemporary science with traditional wisdom. We are here to help those who have suffered the recurrence cycle of relapse. Prana Recovery Centers approaches the problem of substance use disorder with a fresh perspective, backed by scientific research, combined with ancient wisdom, and focused on recurrence prevention.

Our unique approach using the six pillars of wellness acknowledges that:

  • There are many paths to recovery
  • Connecting the mind & body is a support to avoiding relapse
  • Each person has a right to his or her own experience
  • The six pillars of wellness are powerful relapse prevention practices

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Prana Recovery Centers (PRC) is the direct result of numerous members of the recovery community observing for decades the chronic relapse of alcoholics and addicts and witnessing their rapidly declining quality of life, disruption of family and social connections, deteriorating mental and physical health, including a loss of hope for a better tomorrow. Simultaneously, advances in neuroscience and positive psychology have clearly delineated major new developments for living a clean and sober happy life.  Prana Recovery Centers, founded by Kelly McCausland and Tim McCabe, is for Kathy L., Andrew D., Matt B., and so many others who have died too soon as a result of a substance use disorder.

Traditional pay-for-service and public-subsidized rehabilitation services work hard to meet the demanding needs of people afflicted with addiction.  Yet alcohol dependence and drug addiction, including chronic relapse, remain an enormous problem for over 23 million Americans (National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that recurrence rates for a substance use disorder is 40 to 60 percent and is similar to other chronic illnesses.  The main difference is that other chronic illnesses do not usually affect all aspects of the afflicted person’s life including employment, housing, crime, social and emotional wellbeing, and ability to seek appropriate treatment.

Recovery at Prana Recovery Centers- Stop Suffering from Addiction today.
  • Recurrence rates for a substance use disorder 60% 60%

Recurrence is a devastating problem. We have spoken with scores of people that demonstrate upon leaving the treatment center they are resolute to never drink or drug again. There is a confidence in their voices and a determination in their eyes. Yet, far too often they succumb to the drink or the drug within a short period of time. Here is where this situation becomes extremely dangerous and very life threatening.

Recurrence is lethal in other respects too. The mental torture and emotional hopelessness of being right back to where they just spent weeks or months learning how to avoid is excruciating. The shame is crippling and the remorse suffocates any sliver of hope for living free from substances. Eventually, isolation seeps in. The lone wolf is paramount and the disease takes a vicious and relentless grip.


Our major services are framed within the context of the three R’s – rewiring, resiliency, and recovery:

  • Rewiring: Neuroscience research has consistently shown that the use of Mindfulness can rewire one’s brain for wellness. Our goal is to have the PRC learning labs (eventually) provide EEG brain scanning and state of the art signal processing so each participant will have immediate real-time neuro-feedback tracking the progress of rewiring for positive wellbeing. More on Rewiring
  • Resiliency: The ability to bounce back from the inevitable low spots of living is achievable through specific habits of mind, body & spirit. Prana Recovery Centers participants practice activities and exercises that create sustainable skills for staying free from substances through the ups & downs of life. More on Resiliency
  • Recovery: The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous have been aiding in recurrent prevention since the early 1930’s.  We use the specific, clear-cut instructions of the first one hundred and three (103) pages of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.  This textbook outlines the practical application and spiritual approach to living substance free.


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