The Prana Team

PRC, founded by Kelly McCausland and Tim McCabe, is for Kathy L., Andrew D., Matt B., and so many others who have died too soon as a result of a substance use disorder.

Executive Team

The Executive Team of Kelly & Tim brings tremendous passion, wisdom, and dedication to Prana Recovery Centers.  Both leaders have lived experience that ground the Prana experience in practical solutions for living happily in sobriety.

Tim McCabe


Leadership Team

The Leadership team brings amazing experience to Prana Recovery Centers.  Each indiviual leader is a dedicated practitioner that is accomplished, compassionate, and focused on providing meaningful experiences.

The Right Choice

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that recurrence rates for a substance use disorder are 40 to 60 percent. We are here to help those who have suffered this recurrence cycle. Stay current on news and events at Prana Recovery Centers.
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