Six Pillars of Wellness

The Six Pillars of Wellness form the foundation of the PRC Relapse Prevention Program and are structured to provide participants of our programs with concrete skills that broaden and build optimistic possibilities for living substance free.



Mindfulness can rewire one’s brain for wellness. Many studies link meditation…



Did you know that you have a set point in life for happiness that corresponds…



The 12 steps of A.A have been aiding in relapse prevention since the early 30’s

Relapse Prevention

Prana Recovery Centers Relapse Prevention Program is helping addicts & alcoholics to recover from addiction using yoga and meditation. We are a nonprofit organization located in Milford, MA. We will not turn anyone away because of an inability to pay. Donations are always appreciated!


Where Real Life and Recovery Meet

During times of meditation, I wonder why I was spared and my family members were not. During those times, I thank God for my gift of sobriety and for my life, and I ask for the strength to use this gift to be helpful to others. If one person attempts to get or stay sober because of my actions or words, then I have had a successful life.

The Right Choice

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that recurrence rates for a substance use disorder are 40 to 60 percent. We are here to help those who have suffered this recurrence cycle. Stay current on news and events at Prana Recovery Centers.

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Self-Care is Necessary to Maintain Sobriety

Self-Care is Necessary to Maintain Sobriety

Maintenance is Self-Care & Necessary to Sobriety Early recovery was one of the most anxious times of my life. It took me awhile to figure out that self-care is necessary to maintain sobriety.  I was missing this key ingredient to relapse prevention for quite...

A Leader by Three R's:

Our major services are as follows

  • Rewiring: Neuroscience research has consistently shown that the use of Mindfulness can rewire one’s brain for wellness. More on… Rewiring
  • Resiliency: The ability to bounce back from the inevitable low spots of living is achievable through specific habits of mind, body & spirit. More on… Resiliency
  • Recovery: The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous have been aiding in recurrent prevention since the early 1930’s. More on… The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and Recovery

Countless Satisfied Clients

“For the last 8 months since starting Prana, I have never felt better. I have my life, family and business back. The mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, and 12 steps we dig into have made a huge difference in my life! The dedicated staff are intelligent, compassionate , and they listen. Prana made me open my eyes and helps me with being compassionate and mindful.”


“Over time stress was getting to me and I didn’t know what route to take for help. I tried different types of counseling and therapy with very little success. A friend of mine suggested I get involved with Prana Recovery Centers, so I did. Their six pillars of wellness has made such a change in the way I feel and I couldn’t be more grateful for PRC and their staff.