Prana Recovery Centers end-of-year annual appeal is underway!  We are a nonprofit organization because we believe that recovery services should never be about making a profit off of other peoples suffering. We offer a cutting edge, research-based Relapse Prevention Service for addicts and alcoholics and a Family Matters Program for family members and loved ones.

These programs are based on proven pillars of wellness including:

  •  Mindfulness
  • Science of Happiness
  • 12 Steps of AA
  • Yoga
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition

Each of our programs introduces then builds skillfulness in the six pillars of wellness. Our participants literally rewire their brains for well being, learn new skills to support their recovery and broaden and build resiliency to navigate the inevitable low spots in life ahead.

Here is a quote from our participant Dave:

What benefits are you noticing as a result of being a participant in Prana’s Relapse Prevention Program?

“First and foremost I feel better and stronger.  I feel like this is taking a hold of me or me of it unlike any feelings I’ve had with recovery outside of my first detox/rehab.  I meet with my family as part of my recovery and they have noticed a difference with where I am now.”

Perhaps you have been personally affected by the ravages of addiction?  Or a loved one of yours has suffered? Maybe someone you know ? Now is the time for you to do your part to help others.  Make this kind gesture for those who are in need because together we can, and will, make a difference! Recovery is a long journey requiring consistent, compassionate, and caring support.  We need you now!

Prana Recovery Centers will not turn anyone away because of an inability to pay.  We care deeply about people getting support to prevent relapse and families learning how to heal.  Now it is your turn. We need your support to offer these programs to all those in need of services regardless of their economic situation.


Please join our end -of-year annual appeal by giving whatever amount you can by clicking here:–2

Thank you for helping us help others! We recognize that when you give of your financial resources you are placing you trust in our organization to deliver.  We stand by our commitment to help those suffering from addiction and welcome your participation in being part of the solution!

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