Family Matters Program

The loved ones of addicts and alcoholics suffer too. Many are seeking solutions that help the addict or alcoholic without over helping and thereby actually hurting. They want solutions to the problems without disconnecting from their loved ones.
family matters in addiction and recovery

The family and loved ones of the alcoholic and addict is invited to participate in Family Matters meetings that focus on bringing healing and skillfulness for wellbeing.

We offer recovery coaching to family members and loved ones of the alcoholic and/or drug addict.  If you would like to know how to better communicate, support, and be in relation with the addict in your life, we can help.

The Family Matters program is available to those family members and/or loved ones that would like to find support, skills, and practical solutions to the complexities of living with addiction.

The program focuses on understanding the challenges faced in dealing with addiction and loving wholeheartedly without being harmfully helpful.

Program components include:

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